What You Need To Know

- Allied Financial Services is not like other lenders! Where they are limited, we are not. Being a small finance company gives us the ability to look at each loan individually

- Our loans are approved in house. We process the same as the application

- As with any loan credit is a part of the process but if yours is not perfect don't worry. Instead of thinking you might not be able to qualify, let us determine that for you

- All of our loans are secured. Speak with a specialist about items that can be used

Understanding Your Needs

The Loan Processes

- Fill out a loan application

- Once approved we set up appointments daily that fits your schedule. You will need to bring in proof of income such as: Pay stubs and bank statement both work. Your drivers licence and if needed insurance information

- Collateral - Bring general information of the item you are thinking of using. Have a picture another simple information about the item is helpful

Working With You

Frequent Questions

1. Can you apply over the phone? 
Yes, our staff is waiting to help you. Please feel free to call our office at

2. Are all your loans secured? 
Yes, Let our friendly staff help you by explaining the collateral process

3. Do we report to the credit bureau? 
No, but a letter of recommendation can be written based on your credit with AFS

4. Are you open Saturdays? 
No, but a special appointment is possible

5. How can payments be made?
Cash, check, certified check/money order, debit/credit cards (fees apply), bank draft (fees apply)